Call or go to ER if...

Call If :

  1. Close contact with somone diagnosed with COVID-19 (not suspect or being tested)
  2. OR travelled outside to any of epidemic nations ie. S Korea, China. Italy, in the last month
  3. AND have fever over 100.4 F with lower respiratory symptoms eg. cough without runny nose and/or shortness of breath.

This is important so we can use the testing resources for the patients that needs it and not cause undue strain on current testing resources available.


Influenza vaccine ( injectible, non live, quadravalent vaccine,) is availble now in our office, for all patients, 6 months of age and above.

Please make appointments for our dedicated flu clinics on Saturdays. 

If you are visiting the office for any well check up, especially with babies, do ask and get the flu vaccine, since the first time around they would need 2 shots, at least 1 month apart.